Step 1: Search and Discover Properties

On the Home page, you will find our “Advanced Search Tool Bar” where you can search for your desired properties by specific characteristics. To see all of Smart Estates listings you can go directly to the “Listings” tab to see all listings starting with our latest listed properties.

Step 2: Contact Owner or Realtor

Once you are interested in a home, its time to contact the Owner or Realtor to view the property and to make an offer if desired.

At the bottom of the page of every listing, you will find the contact information of the seller.

If you have seen a Smart Estates street sign at the front of a house for sale, note the number posted on the sign is the number of the seller, not the number  Smart Estates.

Step 3: Negotiating and Making an Offer

The next step is to write an offer of purchase to the seller. Any negotiations and offers are entirely between the seller and the buyer. Smart Estates is not included in any contact, showings, negotiations and offers between the seller and the buyer.

If you have more questions about the process, please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information!

The team behind Smart Estates wishes you best of luck purchasing your dream property!



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